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C# MVC broken Razor Intellisense

Today I was looking at the new feature Microsoft announced a few weeks ago that Xamarin is now in Visual Studio by default. After working with it for a few hours I had to go back and make some changes to one of our web mvc projects. At that moment I saw that I did not have anymore Razor Intellisense in Visual Studio. The first thing I tried was restarting Visual Studio, but no effect. So I opened different web project to see if Razor Intellisense was working their, but also broken. So I went online and tried to find an answer.
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Visual Studio “Run with CMD”

I have been working with visual studio and .net application for a few years now. And one of the things we use a lot are deploy commands. In the beginning I would go to the Windows Explorer and run from there. But I found out that it was much easier to create a menu item in Visual Studio called “Run with CMD”. Now a days I upgrade visual studio as soon as I can get a new laptop from work and I have to create the item again. I always struggle on getting it set up, also when colleagues of mine ask me how to do this. Therefore I have decided to write an article about it describing how it is done using simple steps and images. Continue reading