Google Weekly Recap Dec. 9th

A few things happend this week when looking at Google updates. Were the updates Panda related or were they normal Google fluxes. Here is a summary of a few things that happened this week.




  • There were a few changes in Google rankings mentioned by webmasters. Webmasterworld Thread
  • One webmaster says he has found a way to overcome his Google Panda hit website over night. Google Panda
  • There was a cool new update in the Google search results. Check it out and Google [x/2, (x/2)^2, ln(x), cos(pi*x/5)]
  • Then something else, twitter has released an update to their website after the update from a few months ago.Twitter Blog

These are few updates i wanted to let you know. Hope you enjoy them and if you know about some updates not mentioned please leave them in the comments so I can look at them and maybe write about them.


Have a great weekend Googlers and Search engine fanatics.