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Android App Player voor Blackberry Playbook

Android App Player for Blackberry Playbook

Last March RIM announced that they will develop an App Player for Android Apps. After this announcement it has been very quiet about the release date of this app player on the Playbook. Last Thursday a beta version of the Android App Player has been leaked. For download click Here.

The beta version runs apps on based on Android 2.3.3. The app player is still somewhat slow and not all functions are working to their optimum but it is a working version of the Android App Player and the official app player is expected shortly. The file to download and install is still very big.

At the moment the predicted date for the android app player is beginning of February 2012. This is later than they expected as first when we were told that the would release the player at the end of the 2011 summer.

Now Blackberry has shown Playbook OS2.0 with the android app player at CES 2012. We really hope that they will finally release this update and hopefully it will help to save the Playbook.

If you have any news or if you have updated your playbook to the Playbook OS 2.0 with android app player please leave a comment.

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