Google Weekly Recap Dec. 9th

Google Weekly Recap Dec. 9th

A few things happend this week when looking at Google updates. Were the updates Panda related or were they normal Google fluxes. Here is a summary of a few things that happened this week.




  • There were a few changes in Google rankings mentioned by webmasters. Webmasterworld Thread
  • One webmaster says he has found a way to overcome his Google Panda hit website over night. Google Panda
  • There was a cool new update in the Google search results. Check it out and Google [x/2, (x/2)^2, ln(x), cos(pi*x/5)]
  • Then something else, twitter has released an update to their website after the update from a few months ago.Twitter Blog

These are few updates i wanted to let you know. Hope you enjoy them and if you know about some updates not mentioned please leave them in the comments so I can look at them and maybe write about them.


Have a great weekend Googlers and Search engine fanatics.

By Bart van Duinkerken

Driven and energetic consultant and developer with 8+ years of experience working on complex projects with clients across multiple business lines. Fluent in Dutch and English; Self-taught .NET developer; Skilled at bridging the gap between business and IT. Excellent at analyzing business requirements and translating them to development needs. Love working with ambitious people not scared of thinking outside of the box. Enjoy guiding and others understanding business requirements.

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