Google Weekly Recap Dec. 9th

Google Weekly Recap Dec. 9th A few things happend this week when looking at Google updates. Were the updates Panda related or were they normal Google fluxes. Here is a summary of a few things that happened this week.       There were a few changes in Google rankings mentioned by webmasters. Webmasterworld Thread […]

Google Infographics SEO

Online Marketing infographic

A nice and huge infographic that will guide you and your company thorugh the online marketing proccess. Created by Unbounce Unbounce – The DIY Landing Page Platform

Google SEO

Google video about SEO

This youtube video is about SEO by a Google representative. The representative talks about important SEO attributes and how Google would use them. She talks about Pagerank and Canonical URL’s. She also talks about using the Webmaster tools and uses a fictional example of how it would be used for the Google store. I believe […]