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How to write a resume in modern times

Writing a great resume

At the moment of writing this article I am busy finishing my Bachelor paper for College. I am also getting ready to step into the wild-life called business-life. As everybody knows when you are applying for a job it is important to have a professional resume ready to give to an employer and you are able to explain it to them. And I know everyone has their own opinion about how to write a resume. Therefore I am giving the world another way to write one.

It all starts with what you want to achieve with your resume. This is an important question since there are many reasons one write a resume. Some people just want to show what they have done, others show how good they are and others just do not know why they have a resume. When I thought about what my resume should accomplish I came up with a few things. It should:
•    Attract attention;
•    Show my abilities en competence;
•    Prove I am the right person for the job.

Now how do I accomplish these things? Well first I brainstorm. Which student jobs are actually relevant for my future? What skills do I have that are relevant? What are my future ambitions? These are a few things that I want in my resume. Figure 1 shows a structure you can use to design your resume. It shows what you can or have done, who you are (ambition & qualities) and what else do you know.


Figure 1

When writing down your experience do not only enter job information as company, address, and job title but also enter what you did during your job. What where your tasks and what did you accomplish. This is more relevant then job title. Also tell the employer what your ambition is. Ambition shows them that you are the right person for the job, that you want to learn and you are eager to excel in your job.

Always keep in mind that you want to show your skills. You are probably not the only one to apply for this job so make sure your resume stands out. Ways of doing this is playing with design and structure. Use different fonts. But always keep in mind that it should look professional, no one wants to see a purple resume, except when your applying for a creative job position.

I hope you find this useful! Please comment with your ideas about resume’s.

Till next time.


By Bart van Duinkerken

Driven and energetic consultant and developer with 8+ years of experience working on complex projects with clients across multiple business lines. Fluent in Dutch and English; Self-taught .NET developer; Skilled at bridging the gap between business and IT. Excellent at analyzing business requirements and translating them to development needs. Love working with ambitious people not scared of thinking outside of the box. Enjoy guiding and others understanding business requirements.

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